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B737 Low Cost Like Carrier Pilot Interview Assessment Preparation

Looking to be a Pilot ? This is an exciting career choice, but in order to get a place on the pilot crew training programmes, there are a series of tests, interview and assessments you need to get through first. Find out more about these tests below.

The content and information used on this website should only be used for preparation purposes and might differ from the real assessment. We are an independent web site and is not affiliated and have no commercial connection with any airlines or flight schools and their pilot assessments.

Last update: 12/09/2022

Assessment process consist of

From Home
1. Aptitude Tests - Online (cadets Only)
2. ATPL Knowledge Tests - Online (cadets Only)

At Dublin HQ
3. Interview - Technical Questions
4. Interview - Human Resource Questions
5. Simulator Assessment​

1 - The Aptitude Tests

Reaction Speed

With this being a reaction speed test, the aim is to click the ‘equal’ button as soon as you see two matching shapes.

Monitoring Ability

Your task is to select from option possible answers how many balls you believe there to be shown.

Spatial Orientation

Based on what the instruments are displaying you are to move one of four orientated aircraft icons into one of the 8 grids around the beacon.


This test incorporates three mini tasks which occur simultaneously.

Complex Control

You are placed within a cylindrical tube and have to fly through rotating walls that have holes in them.

Inductive Logical Thinking

The task is to work out the rules and interrelationships which assign tables to two different categories and then to assign new tables to the adequate categories.

Deductive Logical Thinking

The task is to work out which object has to be displayed in the cell marked with the question mark.

Personality Test

Be totally truthful in this one. There are honestly no write or wrong answers.

Video Interview

Answer 3 questions in front of the camera.

2 - ATPL Knowledge Tests

This is an online test. The test consists of 30 random questions across all ATPL subjects.

3 - Technical Questions

During the interview, you will be asked various technical questions about basically anything. So be prepared and use our technical question bank.

4 - Human Resource Questions

See what are the questions you might be asked during the interview and make sure you prepare how to answer them.

The questions are not very hard but if you know what to expect you will be able to give a great answer.

5 - Simulator Assessment

Our simulator assessment pack includes:

  • Briefings example.
  • The procedures to use.
  • The SIDs used during the assessment.
  • The charts.

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