Cadet Airline Pilot Programs

The most secure option to complete your flight training is to apply for a pilot cadetship with an airline. Although the majority of cadet pilot mentored programs are self-funded, the training is completed after you have almost secured your first airline job. This greatly reduces the risk of spending more than £100,000 on flight training and never getting a job as a pilot. The danger is not entirely eliminated, since you must still meet the rigorous standards set by your airline throughout your flight training in order to keep your employment.


*** Many airlines have laid off existing pilots as a result of Covid-19. Some of those airlines have reached an agreement that those pilots who have been laid off will be rehired first, before anybody else. As a result, the majority of the cadet pilot programs mentioned below have been halted, and no date has been set for when they will reopen. ***

Wizz Air Cadet Program

The Wizz Air Pilot Academy is a unique pilot training program, giving a whole new generation of pilots with little to no previous aviation experience the opportunity to obtain a Commercial Pilot License and the prospective of working as a pilot at Wizz Air

Helvetic Airways Cadet Program

Helvetic Airways gives young “Ab Initio Pilots” the chance for a special and unique opportunity. Our goal is to get to know the possible future colleagues very early in their aviation history.

Emirates National Cadet Pilot Programme

We are looking for young and ambitious Emiratis to join the National Pilots Pilot Program and become the best trained pilots in the world and fly one of the newest and most modern fleets in the sky.

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