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Cut-e Test and Assessments

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Cut-e is an online aptitude assessment that many organizations use to find the best candidates for their open positions.

What is Cut-e Test?

Cut-e test is a psychometric tests and personality questionnaires to aid in the selection of applicants during the recruitment process as well as staff development. Cut-e tests are utilized in a variety of industries and are given to millions of people each year.

The different type of Cut-e test

The CUT-E offers a number of different kinds of tests, each of which is aimed at a particular aspect. The aptitude tests offered by CUT-E are divided into the Numerical Ability test, the Verbal Ability test, the Abstract Logical Ability test, the Cognitive Ability test and the Special Knowledge or Skills test; the names of the tests are self-explanatory as to what kind of questions are asked in each.

Cut-e Aptitude Tests

Reaction Speed

With this being a reaction speed test, the aim is to click the ‘equal’ button as soon as you see two matching shapes.

Monitoring Ability

Your task is to select from option possible answers how many balls you believe there to be shown.

Spatial Orientation

Based on what the instruments are displaying you are to move one of four orientated aircraft icons into one of the 8 grids around the beacon.


This test incorporates three mini tasks which occur simultaneously.

Complex Control

You are placed within a cylindrical tube and have to fly through rotating walls that have holes in them.

Inductive Logical Thinking

The task is to work out the rules and interrelationships which assign tables to two different categories and then to assign new tables to the adequate categories.

Deductive Logical Thinking

The task is to work out which object has to be displayed in the cell marked with the question mark.

Personality Test

Be totally truthful in this one. There are honestly no write or wrong answers.

Applied Numeracy

The ability to calculate in different subject areas

Video Interview

Answer 3 questions in front of the camera.

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